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You must have heard about the famous saying content is king but let me tell you, video is the queen and women rule the house. Video designing and video editing is one of the most demanding skills that have been asked by employers. Various video editing companies are offering video design services in Pakistan but they are costing more than it needed.

I am not just an experienced digital marketer who has managed digital channels of more than 10 famous celebrities in Pakistan but also a passionate video editor. The reason for offering video design services in Pakistan is my video editing skills and being aware of the best and current practices that are going around.

Video Designing Software

There are so many video editing and video designing software available, also, there are numerous video creation tool and online video tools, but the video designing software that I usually use is adobe premiere pro that has almost all the video maker tools from which countless video design services can be offered.

I have not limit myself to offer my video editing services in Karachi, Lahore, and other cities of Pakistan but to other international cities as well. For more details you can contact me through my email or Whats-app me directly to the given number.

Apart from providing video design services in Pakistan there is also an extended video design service that I offer and that is video marketing services for your video. I will be thrilled to promote something that I have created myself specially when this is something that I actually do while working for a private company.

Merely all my clients have different needs and wants so its solely depends upon the type of project they are looking for and the duration of the video

My video editing services cover pretty much any type of videos ranging from corporate and branded videos to social media, explainer videos, animations, YouTube, travel or home/family videos to weddings or documentary films.

Yes I do. I also promote youtube videos through different social media channels 

The standard turnaround time is 7-10 days. But if there is an urgent need we can discuss that too.

I have not limit my video design services in Pakistan only but to other countries as well. 

Yes, i can export multiple videos from the same main video. In fact, this is a common practice for many content creators that want to re-purpose video content.

Yes, i can send the project files upon request. However, this is not always a very smooth process as there are a lot of things we need to factor in, such as: plugins and templates used, LUTs, fonts and the compatibility between our machines and yours.

Yes, after you review the first cut there’s a revision process where I can implement changes based on your feedback. I can do up to 3 rounds of revisions for free.

We can jump on a call and discuss your requirements and you can also check out our previous video projects to get an idea about the level of quality. Moreover, i can work with you on implementing changes to the video, if needed.

Yes, i can work with “not so good” footage. So you don’t need to be a videographer to work with me.

I can provide you with the music though that will cost an extra charge so it will be copyrighted music that can be used anywhere without an issue.

Yes, I can follow a certain video editing style. I can also make sure your videos match your brand style if you have a branding package. So, This wont 

My video design services in Pakistan and other countries covers pretty much all you can think of, but here’s a list with some of the most common video editing techniques i have used in my projects:

-cuts & transitions

-color grading

-audio mixing

-picture stabilization

-titles and text overlays

-motion graphics

The process is very easy.

I will get the raw footage from you using Google Drive, Dropbox or any similar service.

I will edit the video based on your requirements and get back to you with the 1st cut.

I will work together with you on finalizing the video and implementing changes, if any.

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