Syed Azeem Hussain


Assalam o Alaikum and Welcome. Thank you for spending your time knowing about me. So, this is Syed Azeem Hussain from Karachi, Pakistan. I would like to introduce myself in three different stages. Basically reverse engineering myself from the point where I am right now to the point where I started my career. So It will be my professional background, followed by my educational background, and finally, I will go a bit personal about myself hoping you are still there. 

Azeem Hussain as a digital marketer

Azeem has more than 8 years of experience in sales and marketing out of which 5 years of experience in digital marketing. He is a certified digital marketer and a certified google advertiser. Although Azeem Hussain have done many things when it comes to digital like developing more than 20+ websites, designing a couple of websites, graphic designing, technical SEO, video editing, content writing, content marketing, Facebook management, YouTube management, Facebook ads, and different sorts of social media marketing etc but what grab his attention and where he saw his future career was Google ads, hence Azeem made Google ads his specialization. If you want to become a good digital marketer make sure to have experience or atleast very good knowledge in different aspects of digital marketing but master that one thing that you will consider as your specialization. For Azeem Hussain, it is Google Ads. 

Azeem Hussain as a Google Ads Expert

Azeem Hussain is a certified google ads expert who has managed millions of dollars in ad spending.  Azeem over the years has gained experience in running many google ads campaigns in different industries like apparel, leather, and electronics, but not in the health sector maybe he won’t even do it in the future just because of no reason. As far as google ads and digital marketing is concerned Azeem is always very keen to read blog posts, watching Youtube vidoes and go through various google ads and digital marketing courses just to make sure he is matching with the ever changing nature of digitalization.

Doing Jobs for Others.

Social Media Marketing Manager at Elements Media

Its been many years since I have started working for myself and providing services related to google ads but before that I joined in as a social media marketing manager in this production house called elements media where I was managing social media accounts such as Youtube,  Instagram and Facebook for one of the top celebrities of Pakistan. Few of them were Faysal Qureshi, Zahid Ahmed, Nadia Hussain Kinza Hashmi, Namrah Shahid, Nabila, Asim Jofa, and others. It was a great exposure for me working with these people and knowing the insights of what celebrities like to do when it comes to manage their social media accounts. 

Digital Marketing Manager at Vibez

Before joining elements media I was working with a digital marketing agency called Vibez pvt ltd. Here I was responsible for looking after their client’s advertising, SEO, social media marketing strategy, website development, branding, graphic designing,  content management, email marketing and most important was to always find out ways to increase clients’ return on investment   

Marketing Executive - Thumbay (Dubai)

Before joining this digital marketing agency Vibez, from 2016 to 2018 I was in Dubai working as a marketing executive for this company called Thumbay Medical Tourism which is btw one of the business unit of the group called Thumbay.  I was working on different aspects of digital marketing and traditional marketing over there and basically over there I actually realize the importance of digital marketing in future so I actually got enroll in this institute called digital marketing academy to polish my skills further and completed my digital marketing certification in a period of six months.

International Sales Executive at SBT Japan

Before I moved to Dubai. My first job after completing my graduation and the management training program was in SBT Japan which is a global seller of used Japanese cars. I was working there as a sales executive. My responsibilities were to sell used cars to various African regions through telemarketing and email marketing. 

Management Training Program at Freight Systems Pvt Ltd

I started my career after my graduation by working as an officer in a management training program for a logistics company called Freight Systems where I was dealing with imports and exports documentation. It was a good professional experience for me back then because for someone who is starting off with his career it is important to get to know the environment of an office which obviously did help me in my other jobs

Educatioal Background

Matriculation & Intermediate

I have completed my matriculation from Happy Home School Shaheed-e-millat branch and it is one of the oldest schools in Pakistan. In fact, it is as old as Pakistan. It’s a high-class schooling system that promotes cultural values and religious values.

I have done my intermediate form government degree college Gulshan e Iqbal. 


I graduated from IQRA University where I completed my BBA with a CGPA of 2.52 and my MBA in Marketing with a CGPA of 3.2. I was never a good student but an ordinary one.  

Personal Background

Syed Azeem Hussain’ s personal is not that much exciting because Azeem Hussain is an introvert person who generally wants to spend time at home sitting all day in front of his laptop doing different things watching different courses learning new things to make sure to get the best results of what he does. Sometimes hanging out with his family. I will make sure to add more if I have something new 🙂

Best Regards. Azeem 🙂

So that was a bit about me. Hope you will find it interesting and almost have an idea of whom you will be working with. Thanks for staying.